Mechanical Vacuum Boosters

Mechanical Vacuum Boosters

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Mechanical Vacuum Boosters

Everest Mechanical Vacuum Boosters pumps, import substitutes, are used in growing number of applications where fast pump down times are required, and environment or energy usage concerns, rule out many alternative pump selection.

Everest Booster pumps enhance the performance, ultimate vacuum and pumping speed of oil-sealed /water ring/Dry vacuum type of mechanical pumps, which are widely used in industry.

Outsourcing advantages:


  •                  High vacuum of the order of 0.001 Torr or better.
  •                   High pumping speeds at lower pressures .speed is boosted by 3 to 10 times or more.
  •                   Relatively low power consumption for such performance boosting.
  •                Considerable reduction in pump down time of vacuum machine.
  •                  Prevent oil back streaming from rotary pump.
  •              Dry pumping for Gas/Vapor loads.
  •                Boosts vacuum performance of existing plant & machinery.